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Expert Talk with Dr. François Diaz on WOAH’s activities on wildlife health and wildlife trade

The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) is an intergovernmental organisation, that focuses on transparently disseminating information on animal diseases, improving animal health globally and thus building a safer, healthier and more sustainable world. Dr François Diaz is scientific coordinator for wildlife and bees at the WOAH Headquarters in the Preparedness and Resilience Department. He works on wildlife and biodiversity, bee health, and the international transport of diagnostic specimens. A French national, Dr François Diaz was awarded a degree of Doctor of Pharmacy and also obtained a Masters degree in International Law and Law of International Organizations.

During the Expert Talk, Diaz provided an overview of WOAH’s structure and missions. He introduced WOAH’s Working Group on Wildlife, which addresses health issues related to wild animals. Furthermore, Diaz discussed the Wildlife Health Framework developed by WOAH. The Guidelines provide an approach to facilitate key actors to identify and select disease risk reduction and intervention strategies for implementation on the ground at markets selling wildlife and along wildlife trade chains.

In his concluding remarks, Diaz highlighted the forthcoming release of updated guidelines for addressing disease risks in wildlife trade. These guidelines, expected to be available on the WOAH website by June 2023, will be disseminated to international partners and national focal points for wildlife. Diaz further gave an outlook on the implementation of the guidelines and on a working plan developed jointly with CITES.

Alliance members can find the recording and the slides of the presentation in the members area under the Expert Talk Thread in the News & Community forum. Click here to be directed to the forum.

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