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Don’t just talk, Take action!

This is the set goal of the Alianza One Health Selva Maya. The initiative serves as a regional dialogue platform for One Health in Guatemala, Mexico and Belize, which means that it’s been used as a communication channel for different stakeholders, and it’s a tool to facilitate engagement, interaction and the adoption of appropriate prevention and rapid response measures. The focus is on those who put the One Health Approach into practice, be it at academic, research, community or policy level. The Alianza works to go beyond the rhetoric. Therefore, different tools and set ups on the Alianza’s website enable broad participation: You’ll find a discussion forum, an event calendar, working groups, as well as a scientific platform. The already existing working groups are self-managed by members and have different thematic focus, e.g. Water, Air and Soil, Zoonotic and Vector Diseases, Wildlife Health, Academics and research, Monitoring and Surveillance and Local and indigenous knowledge.

The membership is free of charge and since the Alianza’s character is based on co-design and co-creation, members are invited to actively participate. If members wish to start a working group on a specific topic of their interest or want to organise an online event on certain aspect of One Health, they give support to put that into practice. So don’t hesitate to get in contact with them.

Recently, an info sheet has been published in both English and Spanish by the Alianza. This sheet can be used as a point of reference for interested implementation partners, organisations, and related networks to give a first impression of what this project is about and what benefits the Alianza can generate.

If you would like to learn more about the Alianza One Health Selva Maya, please check out their website and have a look at their info sheet: