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Webinar: Zoonoses and bushmeat in Africa, 8 July 2023 | Pro Wildlife

July 8th 2023 13:00 - 14:00 UTC+2
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Following the world zoonoses day on 6th July, there will be a webinar from our member organisation Pro Wildlife on the topic of zoonoses and bushmeat in Africa on

8th July, from 1-2 pm CET

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Pro Wildlife is a non-profit association based in Germany, which is concerned with wildlife and wildlife protection. Currently, their project: “A Transnational African Zoonosis Education campaign: Raising awareness for wildlife trade-linked health risks”, is being implemented, which is funded by the Alliance. The broad-based campaign aims to change behaviour towards wildlife with a new approach. The goal is to reduce the risks of zoonotic spill overs in four relevant African countries by creating public awareness on the ground for human health risks, linked to wildlife trade, and promoting the One-Health approach. Pro Wildlife uses and expands the existing experience and structures of education programs at four rescue centres, under different conditions (such as consumed species range, rural vs. urban target consumer groups, and responsible government agencies). By using a wide range of communication tools the project aims to increase awareness about potential health risks from contact with wildlife, to discourage hunting, trade and wildlife consumption, to suggest alternatives, and motivate responsible government agencies to initiate necessary actions. Creating a consortium of rescue centres and learning from each other will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, resulting in timely adjustments of education tools, and the development of new strategies – including activating influential stakeholders as multiplicators.

During the webinar, the project partners from four African countries – Liberia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Zambia – will talk about their work in Wildlife Rescue Centres. The event will be joined by guest speaker Dr Egbetade Adeniyi, from University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, who is an expert for diseases of captive wild animals and molecular epidemiology of viruses of non-human primates. Furthermore, Isabel Michler from the Secretariat of the International Alliance against Health Risks in Wildlife Trade will introduce the Alliance to the Webinar audience.

Please forward and share this invitation with interested colleagues. We hope to see you on Saturday!

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