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Voices from the Ground: What to learn from a bushmeat consumption and trade survey across the huge landscape of Salonga national Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo

October 25th 2023 14:00 - 15:30 UTC+2
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Dr. William Crosmary and his colleagues (guests to be confirmed) from WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) and Helmholtz Institute of One Health will provide insights of their on-going project that occurs across the landscape of Salonga National Park, the largest tropical forest park in Africa, and along the main routes along which bushmeat is transported (roads and rivers) to some of the largest urban areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They will delve into various aspects, including the project’s background, the fundamental questions it seeks to tackle related to the bushmeat trade and associated health risks, the project design and protocols, i.e. market and consumer surveys, the challenges faced by field teams, lessons learnt, and some preliminary findings.

Voices from the Ground with William Crosmary
Wednesday, October 25th, 14:00 – 15:30 CEST
The link for the event will be available here later
bushmeat market, copyrigh by William Crosmary (WWF)

About the Speaker

Dr. William Crosmary is the Project Manager Eastern & Southern Africa of WWF Germany. William holds a PhD in Biology and has 20 years of working experience in protected areas, species conservation, biomonitoring, animal behaviour, human-wildlife conflict, illegal wildlife trade and conservation policies in Africa. 

About the Alliance

The International Alliance against Health Risks in Wildlife Trade serves as an inclusive and interdisciplinary platform to discuss challenges and formulate solutions vis-á-vis human-wildlife interfaces and associated health risks and the emergence and spread of zoonotic pathogens from wildlife. The Alliance is aiming to enhance international and national awareness, knowledge, policies and action, not least by narrowing the gap between science and implementation.

We are delighted to host this event and are enthusiastic to have a broad exchange within the Alliance community. Please feel free to forward and share this invitation with interested colleagues.