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One Health System Strengthening in India (OHSSIN)- Co-creating One Health workforce through health system strengthening in Western India 

The surge in emerging and re-emerging diseases, especially zoonoses, over the first decades of the 21st Century has highlighted the need for health system strengthening in general and the implementation of One Health in particular. Findings from one of our previous studies, Research to explore Intersectoral Collaborations for One Health Approach (RICOHA) in India, highlighted a lack of collaboration among the health workforce due to low awareness and knowledge of One Health and lacked thereof community participation. Therefore, training the health workforce in the One Health approach is essential for overcoming implementation barriers. A series of stakeholder workshops will be conducted, the emerging threats and risks at the One Health nexus will be identified and prioritized in three western Indian states, i.e., Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. Training courses will equip the clinical and community health workforce with the necessary knowledge and tools to contribute to One Health implementation and consequent health system strengthening.

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Dr. Sandul Yasobant