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Research to explore Intersectoral Collaborations for One Health Approach (RICOHA) in India

One Health (OH) implementation relies on collaboration across sectors and actors; however, there is a lack of understanding on the required level of integration/collaboration. In the context of globalisation and destabilisation at the interfaces of the human-animal- environment implementation of OH, building health system resilience is mercurial for countries of the Global South like India. The RICOHA (Research to explore Intersectoral Collaborations for One Health Approach) study, conducted from 2017 to 2020 in Ahmedabad, India, attempted to shed light on One Health implementation and practice. It encapsulated the intersectoral network strength, actors and system factors of the current health system (human & animal), and the degree of collaboration and factors responsible for OH implementation in the local context. It also captured the zoonotic disease awareness level and practices in the community, especially among cattle handlers. Due to a lack of data on the disease burden, initiating the OH implementation process was challenging. Thus, the RICOHA project explored possible strategies to operationalise OH in the selected study settings. This study documented prioritisation of zoonotic diseases, potential OH actors, their power-influence relation and pattern of intersectoral collaboration in the multifaceted health system. Finally, different OH strategies and OH enabling factors were documented and validated.

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Dr. Sandul Yasobant