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Joint Symposium with Alliance-funded projects 

Alliance Symposium

The Alliance supports a diverse group of projects around the world financially. There are projects in over 20 different countries and globally financed by the Alliance and implemented by over 35 organisations. These projects address different aspects of the health risks from wildlife trade, along the trade chain, ranging from pathogen identification to behaviour change approaches, to recommendations for decision makers. In this way, the projects make an important contribution to the Alliance’s goals.  

At the very beginning of the new year 2023, the Alliance Secretariat invited all funding recipients to a three-day joint symposium. The aim of the symposium was to bring the project partners together, to network and exchange on key challenges, enabling factors, and possible solutions. In two networking-sessions, participants had the chance to meet and learn about other projects.  

A focus of the discussion was about how to engage stakeholders at all levels and project phases and how to strengthen communication and collaboration. An important outcome of the symposium was the sense of community among the participants. While they are often working independently, sometimes in very remote areas of the world, they are all united by their commitment to a healthier world for animals, people, and ecosystems.  

The secretariat of the Alliance is proud to support the projects in their work and draws a positive balance from the symposium. The goal that all projects get to know each other and thus stimulate a more intensive exchange and cooperation was achieved.  

We are also thrilled to announce that a profile of each of the funded projects can now be found on our website’s project map.