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Confiscated Animals – Rescue and Enforcement (CARE Project)

Live wild animals are being illegally captured, transported and sold at a shocking rate. Often, the animals targeted by illegal traffickers are threatened or protected species. Law enforcement agencies combatting this illegal trade are in urgent need of improved support to handle and care for seized live animals. Since current efforts to combat the illegal wildlife trade are largely focused on wildlife products, limited attention is provided to live animals rescued from trafficking. Live seizures and confiscations are an underrepresented part of combatting the illegal wildlife trade. Humane, safe handling and care of wildlife are critical to helping reduce health risks to both people and animals, and remedy negative impacts on biodiversity and animal welfare. The CARE project aims to provide a global framework of resources for government agencies to handle and care for animals seized in trade and develop the capacities of frontline officers in Indonesia, Congo, and Guyana. Each of these countries is significantly impacted by the illegal wildlife trade and law enforcement officers frequently confiscate live animals. We are developing the solutions needed to ensure that confiscated animals are treated humanely and safely and receive the best care while in custody. Our goal is to rescue animals from the illegal wildlife trade and prosecute trafficking crimes in a way that prioritizes humane outcomes for wildlife.


Loïs Lelanchon

Position: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)