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Implementation of the EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking

The EU functions as a hub for global wildlife trafficking and has a key role to play in the fight against it. During the past two years, IFAW has joined forces with other NGOs to advocate for the revision of the EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking (WTAP) adopted in 2016. In November 2022 we welcomed the revised WTAP, which is an important milestone to fight wildlife trafficking, introducing measures that have the potential to make a real impact within and outside of the EU, if fully implemented by all the involved stakeholders. The revised WTAP aims to guide EU action against wildlife trafficking in the period until 2027. While the focus of the WTAP is on wildlife trafficking, it makes links with the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations and other related policies, like One Health and health risks related to the trade in wild animals. In the coming years, IFAW will work to ensure the WTAP is promptly and effectively implemented by the EU Commission and Member States.

Region: European Union
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Ilaria Di Silvestre

Position: Head of EU Policy and Campaigns

Position: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)