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Implementation of the One Health Approach to Wildlife Conservation in the Maya Biosphere Reserve

The general objective of this project is to strengthen the basis for risk management, prevention, and monitoring of zoonotic diseases through a regional plan for the implementation of the One Health approach in the Maya Forest under three thematic lines: 1) Capacity building for monitoring, prevention and early warning of animal diseases, 2) Risk reduction and best practices, for which the support and participation of local actors will be essential, and 3) Exchange of experiences, seeking the collaboration and participation of key actors from government institutions, civil society, universities and community leaders at the Maya Forest level, to replicate and give continuity to the activities carried out, looking for spaces to provide training to communities, resource guards or other officials under the One Health approach, providing technical and scientific support to strengthen the One Health approach strategy in the Maya Forest.

Photo Credit: WCS


Penny Wallace-Patterson

Position: CWT Program Manager
Country: Thailand
Fields of action: Illegal Wildlife Trade


Luis Fernando Guerra

Position: Medical Professional