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Improving the effectiveness of multi-sectoral collaboration in combatting illegal wildlife trade from Africa to and within Viet Nam

In the context of existing barriers to the strengthening of the Vietnamese government’s response to illegal wildlife trade such as lack of information and intelligence on ever-changing, sophisticated wildlife trafficking networks, especially those from Africa to Viet Nam; low priority given to IWT and insufficient investigative skills to cope with the evolution and development of wildlife trafficking networks; and limited involvement of non-traditional stakeholders including those with the mandate for anti-corruption and money laundering investigations in IWT investigations. Particularly, enforcement cooperation with the source countries on countering wildlife trafficking (CWT) or other matters is not yet prioritized. This project aims to improve the effectiveness of information sharing and cooperation mechanisms between governments, journalists, NGOs and the financial sector in combating illegal wildlife trade from Africa to and within Viet Nam.

Photo Credit: ‘Exchange letter of interest with Attorney General Office of Angola’ by WCS


Hoang Bich Thuy

Position: Country Director