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Nigeria Engaging One Health (NEOH)

NEOH presents the opportunity to carry out One Health approaches following the recommendations of the earlier projects and the Nigerian Strategic One Health plan. It will continue efforts to understand underlying mechanism of disease transmissions between humans and animals, combining methods of epidemiology, anthropology and virology to unify efforts towards enhanced animal, public and environmental/wildlife health under one umbrella. This will ideally result in early detection of pathogens with pandemic potential and in parallel, concrete responses caused by zoonotic pathogens. The project shall create and strengthen inter-institutional, inter-sectoral partnerships nationally and internationally. Leadership and coordination in combination with an emphasis on innovation, training, surveillance, publication of research outcomes, wildlife conservation and risk communication will be the major outputs of the institutions involved.



Dr. Anja Globig

Position: Institute of International Animal Health/One Health, Friedrich- Loeffler-Institut