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Wildlife Crime Prevention

IFAW’s Wildlife Crime Prevention program in China addresses wildlife trafficking through conducting comprehensive wildlife crime and policy research to support effective enforcement and policy enhancement, collaborating with relevant industries to adopt zero-tolerance policy and take action and changing wildlife consumption behavior and social norm through social mobilization and science-driven campaigns.
IFAW’s online monitoring and analysis of criminal cases in the last decades suggest that trade of endangered live animals as pets is becoming an increasingly alarming problem. To tackle this issue, IFAW analyzes the policies, regulations and seizures in China and surrounding areas and studies the development trend and regulatory loopholes of the wildlife breeding and trading industry to advocate for stronger long and more rigorous enforcement. Meanwhile, IFAW provides capacity building trainings for channels related to illegal wildlife trade (such as social media platforms and companies in logistics industry). We also analyzes the driving factors of illegal consumption to explore intervention strategy to change consumption behavior.

Project Website: Combatting illegal wildlife trade in China



Position: Senior Program Officer

Position: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)