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Reducing Risks in Tanzania’s Game Meat Industry: Developing a One Health Model for Safe, Sustainable and Legal Supply

Game Meat Industry

This project is framed by Tanzania’s Game Meat Selling Regulations, which when fast-tracked into law by Presidential decree in 2020 presented both threats and opportunities to manage a legal supply of wild animal meat (i.e., game meat, as distinguished from illegal ‘bushmeat’) for the domestic market.
TRAFFIC is working with the Tanzanian Wildlife Management Authority and other government departments and research institutions, as well as private sector and civil society actors. The project is developing a bespoke approach which incorporates One Health concerns together with insights from trade chain analysis to identify critical control points for mitigation of potential zoonotic disease risks and ensure that the game meat industry develops in a safe, legal and sustainable direction.
Risk management measures need to be acceptable and sustainable: the Tanzania focus provides a valuable opportunity to develop a specific risk-management approach which has government support from the outset. This project is gathering qualitative and quantitative data to understand potential disease and spillover risks via wildlife disease risk analysis. In developing recommendations for risk management, the project is also considering the importance of livelihoods and socio-economic motivations, traceability and compliance with supply chain management protocols by priority stakeholders.


James Compton