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Strengthening capacity and commitment of authorities and the private sector to sustain prevention of wildlife crime in Lao PDR

Lao PDR is confronting numerous challenges in disrupting transnational wildlife crime and complying with recommendations under the CITES Article XIII process (which focuses on compliance with CITES). Gaps and loopholes in national legislation for implementing CITES and penalizing wildlife crime prevent effective enforcement from disrupting and prosecuting wildlife crime. There remains a lack of knowledge and understanding in the criminal justice sector on the serious nature of wildlife crime, coordination and information sharing to assist in investigations and prevention at border crossings, and sustained outreach and awareness-raising efforts by the government, not only for the general and targeted sectors in public but, more importantly, to build greater political willingness and commitment within the government sector. The project aims to strengthen the capacity and commitment of policy, regulatory, and criminal justice authorities and the private sector to sustain wildlife crime prevention policy and legal frameworks, enforcement, and outreach interventions to reduce wildlife crime occurring in Lao PDR.

Photo Credit: ‘Panel Discussion during the World Wildlife Day Celebration in Lao PDR launching the Wildlife Health Surveillance SOP & the Government Decree on CITES’ by Chrisgel Ryan Cruz WCS


Penny Wallace-Patterson

Position: CWT Program Manager
Country: Thailand
Fields of action: Illegal Wildlife Trade


Santi Saypanya

Position: Country Director

Manoly Sisavanh

Position: Deputy Country Director