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The Application of One Health Approach to Raise Wildlife Protection Awareness (OHAWE) in Indonesia

As we all know, wildlife trade activities bring various health risks and environmental damages. The risks of spillover from wildlife trade come in the form of pathogens that would lead to the threat of zoonosis diseases. In Indonesia, we are dealing with issues such as insufficient public knowledge and awareness regarding wildlife trade risks and threats. Thus, we feel that educating the community, starting from an early age, is essential. With this goal in mind, we plan to raise awareness of wildlife protection for children using local values and customs. Illustrated storybooks with 5 native languages are planned to be created, provided, and distributed to elementary schools in Indonesia. We will collaborate with native language experts, local design and illustration artists, wildlife veterinarians, and other relevant stakeholders. We consider this to be fulfilled if the copy of the books can be disseminated to schools in each One Health Collaborating Center (OHCC) area (Bali, East Java, Yogyakarta, Aceh, and Papua). Furthermore, a storytelling event and a book launching event will be held. By carefully paying attention to the delivery of mother languages in the book, it can provide children with a better understanding of the issue and raise awareness around it.


OHCC Secretariat