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Viet Nam Country Package – Reducing Health Risks in the wild Animal Trade in Viet Nam

Wildlife is an important and integral part of biodiversity, which in turn underpins the health of human civilization. It is also the main source of pathogens, some of which have the potential to transmit to humans, leading to epidemic and pandemic outbreaks. Most human infectious diseases have their origin in wild animals. Ecological disruption, land-use change, and unsustainable food production enable pathogens to spill over. The trade in wildlife products further increases the risk of zoonotic transmission. Wildlife farming and markets also contribute to spreading zoonotic pathogens. Zoonotic viruses can spread in any setting that accommodates intensive human-wildlife interactions. The project aims to reduce health risks in the wild animal trade in Viet Nam through improving the policy system, developing technical standards on wildlife farming, and raising awareness among policy makers and related stakeholders.

Photo: Tony Pham


Johannes Keil

Country: Germany


Anja Barth

Position: Chief Technical Advisor

Johannes Keil

Position: Advisor Governance