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Wildlife Ambassador Program: Increasing awareness to reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict and Illegal Wildlife Trade/Trafficking using the One Health Approach to highlight the importance of having healthy wildlife and environment to have healthy humans.

Wildlife Ambassador Program

The Wildlife Ambassador Program (WAP) is an outreach and educational program with the goal to decrease wildlife loss from Human Wildlife Conflict and Illegal Wildlife Trade. WAP uses the One Health approach which explains the connection between human, animal and environmental health. Zoonotic diseases, potential pandemics, and simple prevention and response mechanisms available are at the forefront of the program in order to help people stay safe while being part of the solution. The Wildlife Ambassador program is especially for Belize enforcement officers, conservation organizations as well as wildlife conservation enthusiasts and community members who want to protect themselves and others while helping Belize’s wildlife. WAP offers a combined online and in person capacity building program including Species Identification for native species, common conflicts and emergencies, Legislation, Wildlife Emergency and Response. Ambassadors will be equipped with a toolkit that includes field Pocket Guides on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Wildlife And The Law.