Alliance Event

Voices from the Ground: Reducing Risks in Tanzania's Game Meat Industry

December 12th 2023
Tanzania legalized the trade of game meat in 2020 in an effort to curb illegal hunting, promote the utilization of natural resources, and generate employment opportunities …
Alliance Event

Launch: The Alliance's 'International Governmental Consultation Facility'

December 6th 2023
As initially announced at the Alliance Plenary this year, the Alliance is moving forward with a new component, the ‘Governmental Consultation Facility’, which aims to provide …
Alliance Event

Expert Talk: Working with rural and Indigenoues communities to understand wildlife use and zoonotic disease

November 14th 2023
At this Expert Talk Julia Fa will explore the vital collaboration between researchers and rural and Indigenous communities with us, delving into the intricate relationship between …
Alliance Event

Voices from the Ground: What to learn from a bushmeat consumption and trade survey across the huge landscape of Salonga national Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo

October 25th 2023
Dr. William Crosmary and his colleagues (guests to be confirmed) from WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) and Helmholtz Institute of One Health will provide insights …
Alliance Event

Expert Talk: Emerging infectious diseases at the animal-human interface

September 21st 2023
At the next Expert Talk, Prof. Dr. Jan Felix Drexler will discuss the animal origins of zoonotic viruses and anthropogenic changes facilitating virus emergence with us. …
Alliance Event

Onboarding Event: Meet the International Alliance against Health Risks in Wildlife Trade

July 26th 2023
Dear Alliance friends, Join us for our first introductory event for interested organisations and individuals, new and old Alliance members on: July 26th, 2023 at 16:30 …
Members Event

Webinar: Zoonoses and bushmeat in Africa, 8 July 2023 | Pro Wildlife

July 8th 2023
Following the world zoonoses day on 6th July, there will be a webinar from our member organisation Pro Wildlife on the topic of zoonoses and bushmeat …
Alliance Event

The Alliance at the CITES Animals Committee Meeting

June 23rd 2023
We are delighted to invite you to a captivating side event that will showcase the remarkable work of the Alliance at the upcoming Animals Committee meeting …
Alliance Event

Expert Talk on WOAH's activities on wildlife health and wildlife trade

June 13th 2023
The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) is an intergovernmental organisation, that focuses on transparently disseminating information on animal diseases, improving animal health globally and thus …
Alliance Event

Plenary Meeting

June 6th 2023
Dear Members of the Alliance, We cordially invite you to this year’s Plenary Meeting on 6 June from 14:00-16:00 CEST to review the activities of the …